When I was little, I used to wrap packages with my grandmother and my dad.  Both were able to wrap their packages with perfectly straight lines, hide the tape, and make the perfect bow to go on them.  You would think after years of wrapping gifts with the two of them, I would have gotten better.  My packages look ok, but no one will every mistake them for being professionally gift-wrapped. However, bows – well bows I just suck at. I never really had the patience to learn to do them properly.  I was six before I was even able to tie my shoes correctly!

Being able to tie nice bows doesn’t just come in handy when you are giving a gift, it can make or break your packaging.  If you are doing a craft that is packaged in a box, or a bag, having a nice bow is like icing on the cake.  Bows add a touch of elegance to your product and give the customer a sense the product is higher quality.

But, if you are like me, and have problems making awesome looking bows, this video, sponsored by Hallmark, is just the ticket! They give beautiful, step by step instructions, so here’s to the perfect bow on your next package!



Today’s “Tuesday Tip” will teach you how to tie a FANCY bow. Wow all your friends when you present your next gift.

Posted by Hallmark on Tuesday, May 26, 2015