Resin Sculpting & Casting Techniques

with Cynthia Thornton

Sculpt beautiful resin forms with simple, fun techniques!

Let artist Cynthia Thornton guide you through every step of sculpting with polymer.  She will teach you how to create a polymer master, then cast it in a silicone mold to make duplicates in colorful resin.  Learn essential polymer clay techniques, so you can create a variety of shapes.  Then, take it to the next level and learn to enhance them with custom dyes, paints and beautiful metallic finishes! You will be able to turn them into buttons, pendants, hairpins and so much more!


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Lesson plan

Lesson 1. Sculptor’s Toolbox
Lesson 2. Start Sculpting
Lesson 3. Sculpting the Owl
Lesson 4. Sculpting the Koi Pond
Lesson 5. Molding With Silicone
Lesson 6. Resin Casting
Lesson 7. Finishes